Mountain Explorers is a user-friendly educational platform designed to provide extracurricular academic support for teachers, educators and parents. Its purpose is to engage kids of 8 to 12 years both creatively and pro-actively, teaching them about the importance of the mountains in Lebanon. It also highlights the essential natural resources as well as the heritage that mountains provide us with, while at the same time addressing the challenges we face today in conserving them. The platform also showcases potential solutions for kids to these challenges in the form of hands-on activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The platform is designed to allow each class to experience the benefits of an extracurricular journey together with their teachers. The platform also offers the possibility of individual access to kids who would like to participate in the exploration journey and activities at home with their parents or friends.
When accessing the platform for the first time, simple registration details are required to create a login with a username and password. You need to use a valid email address that you have easy access to.
Make sure you write down your login details after registration as they are what you need to use afterwards to access the platform and continue with the games. The leading teacher should also share those login details with the other teachers involved in each class, as the platform is meant to be an interdisciplinary tool used by various teachers within a class.

For class access, please click here to register
For individual access, please click here to register

Go to “forgot my password” on the home page and follow the instructions. You will then receive a confirmation email with the updated password.

Each time you complete one of the following steps, you will receive one stamp on your virtual passport:
- Watching the intro animation of one of the 7 main themes
- Playing the virtual game of one theme (every theme explored will have a stamp for its game)
- Completing one of the activities proposed per theme (each activity is worth one stamp on the passport)

The online games are designed to last one teaching session of 50 minutes, including discussion time in class around the topics being explored in with each game.
Discussion time should be monitored by the teacher or educator. It is advisable that the teacher/educator reads the related Teachers’ Guide relating to the theme and goes over the online game at least once in full prior to doing it in class with the students. Some of the answers are not straightforward and will require an explanation by the teacher to make sure the topic is well understood by the kids.

The total duration of every activity is described on the first page of each activity sheet, as well as in the Activity Steps and Activity Discussion/Presentation sections. Some experiments or activities may last more than one learning session.

An extracurricular activity can be flagged as “Completed” only after the animation pertaining to the theme of the activity has been viewed and after the online game of the theme has been undertaken and completed.

The platform can benefit all subjects taught in schools. However the main subjects Mountain Explorers relates to are the following:
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Civic Education
- Drawing/Arts
- Geography
- Health and Environmental Education
- History
- Maths
- Physical Education
- Physics

There is no specific order in which to start exploring the online platform. Every theme undertaken by the class with the teacher/educator will be of benefit to them. At the same time, another teacher can tackle a different theme with the same class in parallel. Once an online game or activity is completed with a teacher, a stamp is earned on the virtual passport of the class and it is marked as completed. In the case of Extra Curricular Activities, it is the teacher who should decide when an activity is fully undertaken by a class, and mark it as “Completed”.

For many of the games, the solutions or elements needed are available in the “Tools and Solutions” box that appears on the upper left side of the screen. They need to be dragged & dropped on their relevant place in the screen.
Other sections of some games have solutions that are mainly clickable as multiple-choice quizzes, or otherwise as explained by Nahlati, the Bee Mascot.

Each game is developed to be completed in one session including the discussion between the students and the teacher.
The activities and the problems posed should be all solved for the game to end.

The Teachers’ Guide is a document developed to provide background information and supporting facts for each of the topics explored.
It is a very efficient way of going over all the material covered by each theme. At the same time, the Guide can be useful in helping to identify the solutions to the games and providing explanations for some of the activities as well as creating discussions and educational debates in class.

The intro animation is designed to allow the player/student to get a brief, yet necessary, introduction to the topic to be explored. It encourages the development of an approach based on critical thinking for tackling the problems and working out the solutions to the games and the activities which follow. They are also fun for the both teachers and students to watch!

This section provides a knowledge forum where useful and supporting material is uploaded on a continuous basis. It covers most aspects of each of the seven Mountain Explorers topics.
We encourage making use of these resources before or during class so that the students gain a more complete background and in-depth understanding for every topic.
Resources can be movies, articles, documentaries, reports, blogs or other useful online links.

The aim of Mountain Explorers is to enhance critical thinking by playing an exploration game. This game takes the students on a virtual journey during which they develop an understanding of the major threats and issues faced by our mountains today.
The activities give a practical hands-on way of exploring the ideas presented and testing the theories leant, using experiential learning principles.
Not all activities are mandatory. However we strongly recommend making use of the practical and experimental activities related to the topics.
And of course, the more activities are undertaken, the more stamps on the virtual passport! Perhaps an intra-class competition could be undertaken to motivate students and teachers alike to complete the Mountain Explorers journey.

Yes, we encourage free education and the exploration of new ideas.
This platform is designed to provide teachers/educators with access to useful information as well as games with a new fun twist to explore the topics covered!

The platform is optimized to function with minimal internet connection using basic graphics and light loading time.
An internet connection is required for the continuity of the game and to upload your account after completing a specific theme .

Not for the moment.

The following documents on the platform can be printed:
- Teachers’ Guides (PDF link downloadable and printable)
- Resources (some articles and supporting documents)
- “Green Passport” printable and downloadable to keep as a souvenir for each of the students at the end of the school year, once they have accumulated their stamps
- Activities (PDF downloadable and printable).
For eco-friendly printing, we recommend you only print one copy of each Activity Sheet in color and double-sided and photocopy in black & white the pages that are to be filled in by students (found at the end of some Activity sheets).

Mountain Explorers is designed for kids aged between 8 and 12 years old.
However, we encourage people of all ages to use it (kids and grown-ups). It’s both interesting and fun!

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